Corrosion inhibitors for smart coatings

Safer, Smarter Corrosion Inhibitors

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Our technology is a game-changer. We’ve replaced toxic chromate for ‘chemically intelligent’ additives, offering a completely unique approach to tackling corrosion via three modes of electrochemical protection. The result: technologically advanced coatings that protect end-products for up to ten times longer. Over 50 coatings companies worldwide are already formulating with our product. It’s easy to incorporate and our technical experts are on-hand to help…

Our products:


AX1 is acidic and shows excellent performance across automotive, architectural, aerospace and marine industries.

Inorganic/Organic: Organic

Compatible Binder Systems: Acrylic, Polyester, Polyurethane, with several more still in trial stage

Compatible Solvent Systems: All trialled VOCs. Trialling with partners in powder systems

Substrates: Ferrous & non-ferrous (Al, Zn, Mg & alloys, Cu)

Colour: Off White/Beige

AX2 is basic in nature and can be used successfully in a range of applications, notably aerospace or for systems with amine curing mechanisms.

Inorganic/Organic: Organic

Compatible Binder Systems: Amine cured 2K Epoxy, Acrylic, Polyester, Polyurethane, with several more still in trial stage

Compatible Solvent Systems: Solvent borne. Trialling with partners in powder systems

Substrates: Non-ferrous (Al, Zn, Mg and alloys, Cu) with potential for mild steel



Over 50 coatings companies worldwide are already formulating with our product. Independent results carried out by a leading coatings manufacturer (ASTM B117 1000 hours) demonstrated that that Intelli-ion is up to ten times more effective on non-ferrous metals than market leading alternatives. We’ve also demonstrated excellent results on ferrous metals via a downstream incorporation method.

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R&D Support

We provide hands-on support to your technical team, ensuring the R&D trials are efficient and smooth.

By understanding your needs, processes and products, our collaborative process facilitates efficient, technically focused trials. We deliver this through two-way communication with our technical team, information driven updates and on-demand troubleshooting. Our team are here to support you every step of the way.




What makes your inhibitor different to other chrome-free alternatives?

Our inhibitor is completely different to any other inhibitor on the market.  The components are organic and can be acidic or alkaline in nature.  The ‘sense and release’ mechanism is unique, and we are not an encapsulated product so ultra-fine particle sizes and grinding does not affect the performance.


What makes your inhibitor ‘chemically intelligent?’ 

Our pigments utilise a system where they stay dormant in the coating system, until there is a chemical response from corrosion activities, which triggers the release of the inhibitor.  Unlike the more traditional chemicals used, the inhibitor will only be released when it is needed.


What do you mean by ‘smart coatings’? 

Smart coatings are coatings that are functional and responsive to the environment they are in - the coatings actively protect themselves when they need to. By utilising additives, we can functionalise systems to perform different tasks.  The Hexigone pigments allow environmental sensing and self-protection, which leads to a longer service life.


What makes your inhibitor better at protecting against corrosion? 

The smart-release pigments have allowed us to incorporate an inhibitor that was previously incompatible with coatings, resulting in a unique protection mechanism that is up highly effective and quick to respond. The pigments have a cure enhancing component as well, resulting in better integral coatings, with high corrosion inhibition. 


How do I order a sample?

If you would like to trial our products pre-purchase, please use the "Contact Us" form to let us know of your interest. The more information you can provide here, the better equipped we will be to advise the best way to proceed. 

If from this information compatibility seems likely, our coatings specialist Emily and BD manager Giorgia would typically arrange a brief telecom or phone call within that week to introduce Hexigone's products and applications, and discuss the nature of a potential partnership based on your needs, timeline and strategy.

 If any further information is required here we are always available on our landline - 01792 606494 - or of course on email. Samples will then be sent to your lab by an express delivery courier and our lab team will be at hand to help in any way during your internal trials.


Do I need to pay anything?

As trials are successful our sales and technical team will be there to help best meet your needs through a commercial order. However ahead of this you don't need to pay anything - we cover the courier service and of course the cost of samples themselves.


Do I need to sign a contract?

During the trial stage, we do ask each new industry partner to enter into an NDA or MTA with Hexigone in the interest of all parties involved.