Our Story

Corrosion is a naturally occurring phenomenon that; like other
natural hazards; can impact on public safety, the economy, and the environment (1). The most widely used corrosion inhibitor is soon to be banned in the EU, which poses an industry-wide problem to find an effective, safe alternative.

The Swansea University Corrosion Research Group recognised the issue and embarked on the challenge of finding a replacement. The team took a new approach to solving the problem: they moved their research away from iterations of current substitutes and explored smart-release vehicles that can hold onto chemicals that were previously incompatible with coatings. In 2015, CEO and founder of Hexigone Inhibitors discovered a mechanism of protection that outperformed hexavalent chromate in laboratory tests, and the road to an innovate spin-out company began…  

The potential impact of the discovery was huge, and through winning awards and funding through Armourers and Brasiers, Brian Mercer Trust and the Royal Academy of Engineering, Hexigone Inhibitors was born. We have since built on this investment and secured revenue through Innovate UK and private investors to deliver our safe, effective Intelli-ion product to multi-million pound international market. 

Our aim is to make Intelli-ion the new industry standard that protects our infrastructure and transport for longer - helping to make communities safer.


(1) Günter Schmitt, NACE.org, 2009