Corrosion inhibitors for smart coatings

Corrosion inhibitors to enable
smart coatings.


‘Chemically intelligent’ and chromate-free


We manufacture corrosion inhibitors that are SAFER, SMARTER and up to ten times more EFFECTIVE than market leading alternatives…. allowing you to deliver a superior product to customers by protecting their assets, and the environment, for longer.

marine anti corrosion chrome free

Highly Effective

Our product, Intelli-ion, has been independently proven to be up to 10 x more effective than market-leading alternatives - plugging the gap for a highly effective, chrome-free inhibitor in the coatings industry.


Safer & Smarter

The patented Intelli-ion technology protects in a completely unique way. The micro-reservoir system holds chemicals that were previously incompatible with coatings and releases the inhibitor ‘on demand.’

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Easy to Incorporate

The product is offered as a drop-in replacement to current formulations – making it an economically sound alternative, both in the manufacturing process and by protecting for longer.

 “Now at last we have a corrosion inhibitor that provides the level of performance that our clients need to protect their assets from premature failure. Hexigone is now able to offer the corrosion industry what they have been looking for – a search which has spanned a generation.”

- Phil Buck, former CEO of Spencer Coatings Group -


The Challenge

Corrosion costs the economy trillions of dollars every year, and despite being highly effective, the EU has recently banned the use of Hexavalent Chromate due to its toxic and carcinogenic nature. Coatings companies are now looking for a safe, cost-effective alternative that delivers the results of chromate inhibitors.


The Solution

Hexigone embarked on the challenge of finding a chrome-free replacement. The team moved their research away from mainstream thinking and explored smart-release vehicles that can hold onto chemicals that were previously incompatible with coatings. The result? A safer, smarter way to protect against corrosion.